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"The Trust Of The Innocent Is The Liar's Most Useful Tool"

In case of suspicion, or any form of fraud people like to stay away from the intervention of legal stuff.

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Suspects’ Something Un-Behavioural Against Each Other

The detective team develops a profile for a suspected individual by conducting activity checks, background investigations, and asset searches.

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Provides Corporate Intelligence Services For Your Business Safety

Know the background details of the opposite organizations with which you are doing business with, Safety of your patents, trademark, and copy-right design related infringements.

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Master's in Document Verification

A document is just a piece of white paper, if the written informations are not verified.

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About Us

The Legal Monks is one of the most highly commended detective agencies in India. Our team comprises smart intelligent and dedicated investigative officers. The problems for which you cannot approach anyone can be easily resolved by our investigative offers.

‘Contact us today to discuss your private investigation needs. We have been successful in helping thousands of clients with our detective’s work, ensuring utmost secrecy & privacy at all times, and we’re ready to help you too!

Our Services


Corporate investigations are conducted to gather information and evidence related to potential fraud, embezzlement, or other illegal or unethical activities within a company or organization. These investigations may be conducted by internal corporate investigators, external consultants,

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Corporate due diligence is a process of evaluating a company’s financial, legal, and operational information to assess its overall health and potential risks. This process is typically performed by an investment firm or a company that is considering a merger or acquisition with the target company.

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Employee background verification is the process of checking the background of an individual before they are hired for a job. This can include checking their criminal history, education, and past employment.

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Divorce case investigations can involve a variety of tasks, including gathering evidence of infidelity, financial misconduct, or other issues that may be relevant to divorce proceedings. This may involve interviewing witnesses, reviewing financial records, and conducting surveillance.

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A partner loyalty test is a method used to assess the loyalty of a romantic partner. This can involve setting up a scenario or situation to see how the partner reacts or behaves, and then using the results to infer their level of loyalty and commitment to the relationship.

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Post-matrimonial investigations are conducted after a marriage has taken place, and typically involve gathering evidence of infidelity, financial misconduct, or other issues that may be relevant to divorce proceedings or other legal matters.

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Pre-matrimonial investigations are conducted before a marriage takes place, and typically involve gathering information about the background and character of one or both of the individuals getting married.

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Love affair investigations are conducted to gather evidence of infidelity in a romantic relationship. This may involve conducting surveillance, reviewing electronic communications and social media activity, and interviewing witnesses.

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Trademark investigation is the process of identifying and investigating potential infringements of a registered trademark. This may include identifying and gathering evidence of trademark infringement, counterfeiting, or other unauthorized uses of a trademark.

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Fraud and cheating investigations involve identifying, investigating, and taking action against individuals or organizations that have engaged in fraudulent or dishonest activities. These investigations can be conducted by law enforcement agencies, government regulators, or private organizations, and may involve gathering

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A legal consultant is a professional who provides expert advice and guidance on legal matters to businesses, organizations, and individuals. Legal consultants have typically experienced attorneys or other legal professionals who have specialized knowledge in a specific area of law.

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Skiptrace investigation, also known as skip tracing, is the process of locating a person who is missing or has “skipped out” on a legal or financial obligation. Skiptracing is often used to locate debtors, witnesses, missing persons, and individuals who have failed to pay child support or alimony.

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Employee cheating refers to instances where an employee engages in dishonest or unethical behavior while on the job. This can include things like stealing company property, falsifying records, accepting bribes, or engaging in conflicts of interest.

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